Value Add

Renovus Value Add

Strategic Vision

The Renovus team brings 50+ years of combined experience working with founders and management teams to empower small business growth. Renovus is a proven partner in financing founder-owned small businesses as the first source of institutional capital.

Organizational Ideals

Portfolio companies under the Renovus umbrella are committed to high operational standards. Renovus focus areas include attracting top-tier talent, strengthening financial systems, and optimizing firm processes. The Renovus team has supported the recruitment and placement of 25+ senior executive positions across its portfolio since 2012.

Corporate Development

Renovus accelerates portfolio company growth through accretive add-on acquisitions. Renovus leverages its business development network to source well-paired candidates and its team of investment professionals to lead the M&A process. The Renovus portfolio has successfully completed 20+ add-on acquisitions since 2012.

Exit Positioning

Planning for a successful exit begins while developing our investment thesis before ever financing a company. A successful exit for Renovus means mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders, including setting the business on a trajectory for continued future growth.