Value Add Partners for Growing Companies

Value Add Partners for
Growing Companies

Who we are

Renovus is a proven partner for founders and management teams to empower small business growth, often as the first source of institutional capital

About Renovus

Founded in 2010, Renovus Capital Partners is a lower middle market private equity firm specializing in the Knowledge and Talent industries. From its base in the Philadelphia area, Renovus manages over $1.5 billion across its three sector focused funds and other strategies. The firm’s current portfolio includes over 25 U.S. based businesses specializing in education and training, healthcare services, technology services and professional services. Renovus typically partners with founder-led businesses, leveraging its experience within the industry and access to debt and equity capital to make operational improvements, recruit top talent, pursue add-on acquisitions and oversee strategic growth initiatives.

Industry Focus


Renovus invests across education industry business models, including

  • Pre-K, K-12, and postsecondary education providers
  • Workforce skills development
  • All education services and technology providers
Value Add Partners for Growing Companies

Healthcare Services

Renovus invests across a range of healthcare services businesses, including:

  • Life sciences commercialization
  • Health care IT
  • Revenue cycle management, claims administration, and payor services
  • Provider models
  • Behavioral health
Value Add Partners for Growing Companies

Technology Services

Renovus invests in a range of business models, including:

  • Digital transformation application development
  • Managed services, security & compliance
  • Cloud & application partner ecosystems
  • Data & analytics
  • IT consulting & staffing
Value Add Partners for Growing Companies

Professional Services

Within professional services, Renovus focuses on:

  • Outsourced legal services
  • BPOs and third-party administrators
  • Human capital deployment, staffing and consulting
  • Government IT & services
  • Digital marketing & ecommerce enablement
Value Add Partners for Growing Companies

Investment Criteria

Value Add Partners for Growing Companies

Compelling Customer Value Proposition

We believe that delivering a unique and valuable product or service is the key to a sustainable, long-term business. Renovus seeks to invest in companies with compelling and durable value propositions.

Mature & Defensible Business Model

Renovus seeks to invest in companies that have a proven and stable business model. It typically avoids companies that compete primarily on price or are in sectors where business models are subject to rapid change.

Meaningful Growth Opportunities

Renovus focuses on companies that can put the invested capital to good use for growth. Central to Renovus' sector focus thesis is that Knowledge & Talent is fundamentally a growth industry.

Ability to Add Value

Renovus targets businesses where it can improve the profitability and value through its value creation playbook. Renovus primarily seeks to add value through accretive acquisitions, strategy & operational improvements, human capital enhancement, and overcoming regulatory, legal, and financial complexity.

Portfolio Value Creation

Renovus implements its value creation playbook in partnership with entrepreneurs and management teams. Through its sector expertise, access to capital and resources, and deep industry knowledge, Renovus seeks to drive strong outcomes for all of its portfolio company stakeholders.

$3M+ Target EBITDA profile
$10-200M Target platform enterprise value
100+ Companies partnered with since inception
7,500+ Jobs supported by portfolio companies
50+ Portfolio executives recruited
85%+ Investments as company's first institutional capital