MC3-Curtis Learning

Status Active
Fund III

Founded in 2009, Curtis Learning has established itself as one of the nation’s premier scientific training agencies. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Curtis Learning is a scientific education and training provider to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The Company designs and develops customized programs to educate and train sales teams, medical science liaisons, clinical nurse educators, patient services professionals, and pre-commercial teams on the science behind the world’s most complex medical treatments across all phases of the product launch continuum, including pre-approval preparation, market introduction, and growth and label expansion. Curtis Learning also develops educational resources for healthcare providers and patients.

MC3, based in West Chester, PA, is a world-class production, training, and technology solutions agency that creates Experiences that WOW! for life sciences companies. The team at MC3 delivers an array of omnichannel communication, commercial, developmental, and cultural initiatives designed to energize and enable the world’s leading pharmaceutical teams. MC3 gets creative every day, ensuring that their clients’ live meetings, virtual conferences, leadership presentations, training curriculums, on-demand modules, live workshops, experiential displays, communication portals, and team-building activities are phenomenally successful. The training and event offerings of MC3 are further amplified by its proprietary VIRTUOSO engagement platform and its ability to redefine what’s possible within live, virtual, and on-demand solutions. MC3 has a diverse and comprehensive team that never stops learning and always has one eye on the horizon of what’s possible. The MC3 team is dedicated to being a collaborative partner who consistently creates the “idea” and then goes above and beyond to bring it to life delivering results for their clients.