12.05.19 | News

Hoonuit Acquires Tembo, Inc. and Introduces Community Engagement Solution for School Districts

Hoonuit, a leading provider of data management, analytics, and professional learning solutions in education, announced today its acquisition of Tembo, Inc., a leader in public assessment and accountability reporting. The acquisition will spearhead Hoonuit’s new Community Engagement solution aimed at helping education agencies showcase their key education initiatives to stakeholders through public-facing dashboards.


“We are thrilled that Tembo’s passionate team of designers, developers, and Harvard University Strategic Data Project Fellow alumni will be joining Hoonuit. Their expertise communicating complex data through simple, easy-to-understand report cards is unmatched and gives schools and communities the information they need to move forward and improve,” said Paul Hesser, CEO of Hoonuit. “Data transparency is a fundamental objective at Hoonuit. Our combined Community Engagement solution suite ensures that our collective education partners have the tools they need to share key metrics around accountability, school quality, and school improvement to their communities and stakeholders.”


Tembo solutions are actively used by state and district education agencies to build dynamic performance rubrics, forecast accountability results, and configure and personalize school profiles and scorecards. They also enable families to explore schools in their area based on key attributes such as academic performance, offerings, and transit.


“This is a fantastic opportunity and great fit for Tembo. We believe engaging design fuels effective data-driven decision making and Hoonuit’s ability to utilize the many disparate data sets available to educators today is unparalleled,” said David Stewart, Founder and CEO of Tembo, Inc. “We look forward to applying the experiences and knowledge we’ve developed to continue delivering more meaningful solutions to education agencies.”


The Community Engagement solution suite provides numerous advantages to agencies looking to promote transparency, keep stakeholders informed, and engage its community in the education process. The solution includes a data collection system that allows districts to automatically update real-time data to their website, enables school comparisons via a school finder, and provides translation services into 100 languages. As a configurable platform, the solution allows education agencies to personalize public reports based on their specific educational and environmental context.


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