01.21.20 | RCap Equity

RCap Equity Partners Announces Acquisition of TriStar Event Media, LLC

Wayne, PA – January 21, 2020 – RCap Equity Partners announced today that it has acquired a controlling interest in TriStar Event Media, LLC (“TriStar”). Based in Overland Park, Kansas, TriStar is the leading provider of event marketing services to the nation’s top healthcare associations.

Established in 2002, TriStar is a custom event-media company serving clients in the global event marketplace. TriStar provides a full range of essential marketing services for associations that offer conferences, trade shows, special meetings and other in-person events. The Company’s highly experienced team of media professionals works with each client to create and manage print, digital, and mobile content associated with their meetings and trade shows. TriStar’s custom mix of services add significant value to association events and profits to their bottom line.

“In the 17 years of existence, TriStar has worked tirelessly to become the industry leader in event media,” said Eric Reynolds, CEO of TriStar. “TriStar is thrilled to partner with RCap Equity to continue to innovate and expand our products and services as we assist our clients in their mission.”

“Eric and Robin have built a unique business model that delivers best in class print and digital products and generates significant revenue for its association partners,” said Randall Kutch, General Partner of RCap Equity. “We believe TriStar is well positioned for growth and are excited to partner with this dynamic and entrepreneurial management team.”